A unique and exclusive work

Each of our bouquets is unique and exclusive because it is handcrafted and designed especially for every bride. We can make branches in the same style and shape, but never the same. Whether with preserved or natural flowers, we work in the same way. Once we define the tones, shape, style and some of the flowers with the bride, when creating the bouquet we let our imagination and creativity unleash. We are so grateful that we have brides who trust and give us their preference! What if I don’t like something? Don’t worry, being from preserved flowers you can change what you want, as we always send a photo before sending If it’s made with natural flowers, it will be a b, but we guarantee you’ll like it.

Natural Flowers: from 50€

He loves flowers, their smell, their texture and their luminosity… You like to be surprised, you value ephemeral, unique and perishable things, so natural flowers are for you. However, we always alert to the fact that the shape of the branch can be conditioned by seasonal flowers. We only make bouquets of natural flowers for weddings in the Municipality of Porto.

Preserved Flowers: from 75€

The bunches of preserved flowers are very comfortable because they don’t require much care, they last a long time, they can be personalized to your taste and the result is always spectacular. Here we will show you the models that our brides ask for the most, but we can adapt them to your taste in terms of tones, flowers or shapes. It’s simple so you have a reference.