Purity Center

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We created this center so that we can bring to your home the peace, tranquility, purity and cleanliness that the white color conveys to us.

This color provides freshness, calm and gives the idea of ​​greater space, providing a feeling of freedom.


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Our bases are in colorless or old pink worked glass.


Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that are exposed to a chemical, non-abrasive process, so that they can keep the properties of a “freshly cut” flower, such as smell, touch and color.

This treatment makes the flowers last for years as long as they take the following precautions:

  • do not expose them to direct sunlight, so that they do not lose color,
  • do not place it in environments with extreme humidity, as it may cause the appearance of droplets, mold and color fading.

Important: do not water the flowers.



Delivery depends on our workload as we have a quota of orders per day, however, our average lead time for production is 4 days.

Shipments are always from Monday to Thursday, via MRW carrier. If you need a delivery on Saturday or specific time, it has an additional cost. Talk with us on geral@mmtrendyflowers.pt

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Cream ceramic, Glass, White ceramic