White Snow Wreath



A Polish legend says that little kittens were playing catching butterflies by a river, when they suddenly fell.
The mother started crying and screaming for help. That’s when a Willow, on the bank of the river, bent with its long branches so that the kittens could hold on tightly.
The saying goes that since then, in the spring, the willow branches sprout small flowers, which resemble the plush kittens, which the branches once saved.

* Diameter: 25cm
* Base: rattan wreath


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Our crowns are produced only with materials provided by nature. Base, wicker arch produced by artisans.
The Salix de Pompom Branco is a species of willow that in its adult size can reach about 6 meters in height.


Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that are exposed to a chemical, non-abrasive process, so that they can keep the properties of a “freshly cut” flower, such as smell, touch and color.

This treatment makes the flowers last for years as long as you take the following precautions:

  • do not expose them to direct sunlight, so that they do not lose color,
  • do not place in environments with extreme humidity, as this may cause the appearance of droplets, mold and color fading.

Important: do not water the flowers.



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