If you’re a romantic and delicate bride, classic, but looking for a different touch.

For you, we’ve thought of a version of the classic branch with a rounded shape, but with a more casual look.

It has tiny wild flowers, hydrangeas and we can give it an even more natural look if we include eucalyptus.

It will be perfect if you are a bride with a very classic dress, A-line, with some lace, but also with a simple and plain dress. You can choose the branch with a smaller size (like the blue branch in the video) if you’re a thin, short bride or don’t want the branch to stand out too much. Regarding tones, you already know that this is something very personal … think carefully about which ones you like the most, what you identify with the most and we will help with everything else

If you want something different we can do it for that we ask you to send us a request to our email