This branch represents a bride with personality, a bride who wants a big branch with presence.

It’s our suggestion for a more relaxed and informal branch, but also one of our favourites.

It has a wide variety of flowers, with different volumes and movement. There are two varieties of eucalyptus, the traditional one and the Nicoli, which is longer but we can only add one variety, whichever you prefer. We also put hydrangeas and small wildflowers. We also put a large flower, usually a garden rose, so that it stands out from the rest.

Regarding tones, you already know that this is something very personal… think carefully about which ones you like the most, what you identify with the most and we will help you with everything else.

It’s an ideal branch for tall brides or those who want the branch to stand out.”

If you want something different we can do it for that we ask you to send us a request to our email geral@mmtrendyflowers.pt